More Robots.

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Hi there. Here are more robots. Speed painting.

The progress:


Pear shaped robots

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Busy holidays!

Anyway. Here are some more images!

Thin pear

Large pear

Just more pictures.

December 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

Back again.
Slow start, but hopefully this thing will be running smoothly soon.
I will come around to write a longer post eventually, hopefully. For now this
will have to do! It’s a coloring of the last panel of the page I posted earlier, and another page
(not in order) that I’m currently working on.

More soon.

What is Squid Town?

December 6, 2011 § 3 Comments

Let me try and explain with pictures.



Look out for the Piranhas! Don't go in to dark open places or alleys by yourself! Watch your belongings and be aware of potential attacks from above!

This is one of the first illustrations I’m working on for Squid Town. The Piranha is a gang consisting of kids roaming the less fashionable parts of  the city. They live off mugging any lost or stray humans unlucky or stupid enough to end up in their sights. Being incredibly agile and strong for their age, their large number allows them to follow people from the rooftops and street signs, coordinating attacks from all directions at once and with great speed and accuracy.  If you find yourself being attacked by a group of Piranha you are recommended to stand still and give up all you belongings. Fighting back may result in serious injury and/or death…

Starting Squid Town

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First look

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Approaching Squid Town 30km.

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Squid Town is online! It’s the city of my imagination, and you’re on the highway heading straight for it!

More to come. 期待して